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  • EU-Greece

    EU launches emergency refugee aid scheme for Greece

    The European Union, faced with a burgeoning refugee crisis in Greece, launched a new aid program on Wednesday worth an initial 700 million euros that mirrors the kind of disaster relief it offers developing nations.

    As European states have closed borders following the arrival of nearly a million migrants by sea from Turkey last year, the Athens government has appealed for help to house and care for tens of thousands still arriving and now stranded in Greece.


    The European Commission’s proposal will, if approved, switch 300 million euros ($325 million) this year from its 155-billion euro annual budget to the new Emergency Assistance scheme and 200 million next year and in 2018.

    Officials stress that the program, run by the department of the EU executive which runs humanitarian relief programs outside the 28-nation bloc, will not divert funds from its 1.1-billion annual budget devoted to helping the world’s poorest.

    EU officials note that relieving the suffering of refugees closer to their homes is a key part of the Union’s strategy to discourage people from making dangerous journeys to Europe.

    Greece has hitherto benefited from EU funding and assistance under other programs to bolster its border and security systems and coordinate donations of aid from fellow EU members, though Athens has complained that offers have been inadequate.


    The provision of funds that can be spent in conjunction with the United Nations and private charities working in Greece and other EU states is intended to ensure aid reaches people in need fast and in adequate quantities. The funds can be spent on tents and other shelter, food, medical aid and other basic services.

    Humanitarian Aid Commissioner Christos Stylianides told a news conference that the funds were needed to cope inside the bloc: “The number of refugees continues to rise, so do their humanitarian needs. All of this is happening inside Europe.

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    The budget, EU officials say, is based on an assessment of needs drawn up with member states and U.N. agencies. Greece, its economy blighted by the euro zone debt crisis, has asked for 480 million euros to help cope with 100,000 migrants.

    The new program, to be a permanent feature of the EU budget, is intended for use by any EU state that is “overwhelmed” and cannot cope with a wide range of emergencies, including accidents, militant attacks and epidemics. It will need approval by the European Parliament and member states.

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    Greece, the main gateway to Europe where more than 20,000 people are stranded now, would initially be the main beneficiary of the emergency scheme, which would give swift access to money for “tackling wide-ranging humanitarian crises within the EU”.

    The money would also be available to other EU countries along the Balkans migration route — the main track used by refugees and migrants arriving in Europe from Turkey via Greece and then heading north to wealthier EU states, notably Germany.

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    More than a million people reached Europe last year and some 133,000 arrived on the continent so far in 2016 in what has grown to be a major crisis for the bloc, testing its security systems as well as founding principles of unity and solidarity.

    Struggling to put the flow of people under control, countries along the Western Balkans route have tightened their borders, leading to a build-up of people in Greece that is turning into a humanitarian disaster.

  • m

    Malaika breaks silence on divorce

    Malaika has finally broken her silence on the divorce report. She took to the social media and posted a hilarious comment which hints all is well between her and Arbaaz Khan and media is just speculating their divorce.

    Malaika, who is not so active on social media, has suddenly posted a picture reacting to the rumours about the split. The image that reads, “Hey, I Found Your Nose, It Was In My Business Again”,

    However, earlier Arbaaz Khan also reacted strongly to the divorce report, slamming media, he tweeted#Stop frickin reading too much into mine and malaika’s Instagram pictures and speculating about our marriage and writing shit everyday

    #It’s not my work or films you are talking about, it’s my personal life and marriage and we owe no one any explanations so back off !!! #Will talk about my personal life if and when I want to so mind your own business and stop speculating, It shouldn’t be hard to understand… The actor-filmmaker also took to Instagram and dubsmashed on the famous song ‘Kuch toh log kahenge’ from the 1972 hit film ‘Amar Prem’.

    Slamming the media report of break-up, Arbaaz also wrote an angry tweet along with the dubsmash video, “Some people need to mind their business, stop talking and writing bullsh**.”

    Report is doing all round the net that Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora Khan are heading for divorce due to some differences. Currently, Malaika and Arbaaz are living separately and maintaining a no talking terms. It is also heard that Arbaaz Bhai has seek Malaika’s close friend and actress Karisma Kapoor to save his marriage.

    However, Malaika’s spokesperson denied any such tiff between the couple and said that all is well between them.

    The rift in their relationship was marked when the couple did not appear for the show ‘Power Couple’ together. Arbaaz and Malaika were committed to host the reality show ‘Power Couple’ together but after few episodes, Malaika did not co-hosted with Arbaaz.

    A source from the sets of the show tells us, “Right from the beginning of the shoot in December, the couple had asked for separate rooms and did not talk to each other on the sets. Even during breaks, they went to their respective rooms and had no interaction at all.”

    Malaika and Arbaaz were happily married for last 17 years and have a son Arhaan.


  • v

    Virat & Anushka getting back together

    According to the latest buzz, Actress,  Anushka and cricketer, Virat are getting back together, thanks goes to Anushka’s brother, who is in constant tough with the cricketer Virat kohli and trying to get them together.

    Few weeks ago Anushka and Virat parted ways. The prime reason of their break-up is touted to be Virat and Anushka’s marriage. The cricketer wants to settle down at the earliest but the ‘PK’ actress wants to concentrate in her career. Virat is reportedly upset with Anushka when she preferred shooting with Salman Khan for ‘Sultan’ rather celebrating Valentine’s Day.

    Anushka’s brother is trying to play peacemaker between his sister and Virat Kohli. Currently, Virat is in Bangladesh with Team India for the Asia Cup but is in constant touch with Anushka’s brother.

    As per a source quoted by an entertainment portal, “Virat wants to resolve the differences and get back with Anushka. He is very much in touch with Anushka’s brother and is hoping that his relationship is back on track and all issues are sorted.”

    Interestingly, post break-up Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli have maintained a dignified silence over the matter. Now, I have to wait to know their further step.

  • s

    Singer Raageshwari gives birth to a baby girl

    Actress-turned-singer Raageshwari Loomba is blessed with a baby girl. Post marriage with London based Sudhanshu Swaroop, Raageshwari shifted her base to London. The couple was blessed with a baby girl on February 11.

    The 41-year-old mother states, “She was to be a Valentine Day baby but came early. Little baby Swaroop, (we haven’t decided a name for her yet), was a spinning breech baby i.e. she was changing her position every 15 days. So, we were not sure whether we would be having a natural birth or a C-section, until the last minute. In England, breech babies are not allowed natural births.

    During the operation, my husband was on one side and my mother on the other. My entire team was English but my surgeon was this wonderful Indian lady. It was amazing to see the baby emerge. When they take the baby and put it on your chest – it is an incredible moment. You just cannot describe it. With the birth of a baby, a couple comes alive in another being.”

    Talking about her late pregnancy Raageshwari says, “We had an absolutely natural conception within just two months of trying. I want to tell every woman that they should not stress over it – just believe in your body and it will assist you completely. Eat well, respect your body and it will perform. You can increase your chances of conception by yoga, natural remedies and affirmations.”


    In an Interview to The Times Of India in June 2015, the actress had shared about the excitement of getting pregnant at the age of 40, she stated, “I’m pregnant at 40 and naturally.

    Raageshwari has been part of TV series like Bigg Boss 5, Ek Do Teen, Kuch Kehti Hai Yeh Dhun.

  • k

    Karisma Kapoor says Sunjay & his mother harassed me

    Karisma Kapoor and Sunjay kapur’s divorce case is turning uglier with every passing day. It was not too late when Sunjay claimed that Karisma married him for his money and now the actress counter attack on her estranged hubby by filing a case of dowry and mental harassment against Sunjay and his mother Rani Surinder Kapur.

    A couple of days ago, police called Karisma kapoor to record her statement and registered an FIR in the matter. In her complain, Karisma kapoor  alleged that over a period of time the Kapurs mentally harassed her.

    Based on her statement, the Khar police have registered an FIR (no 98/16) under the dowry section — 498 (A): husband or relative of husband of a woman subjecting her to cruelty — and Section 34 (common intention) of the Indian Penal Code.

    Karisma kapoor and Sunjay’s divorce case is presently pending before the Bandra family court. Initially, Karisma kapoor and Sunjay filed a divorce case on mutual consent but later Karisma withdrawn the divorce filed on mutual consent after the financial commitment stated by Sunjay failed to satisfy her. The custody of the children is also a primary barrier in Karisma-Sunjay’s divorce.

    Post the withdrawn of the divorce case, blame game started between Karisma kapoor and Sunjay. Sunjay Kapur claimed in a fresh divorce petition filed in the Bandra family court that Karisma had married him for his money.

    Sunjay in the fresh petition said that Karisma kapoor has failed not only as a wife and daughter-in-law, but also as a mother. He further stated that Karisma “cruelly deprived” his ailing father to meet Samaira and Kiaan, who passed after six months, failing to see his grandchildren.

    Karisma’s lawyers sought time to respond to this and are likely to file the reply during the next hearing on March 3. In the last hearing, Karisma opposed her husband’s application for the interim custody of their two children.

    On Thursday, arguments for children custody will also be heard and Sunjay’s lawyer might file another reply in the same matter.

  • bb

    Air Force unveils initial B-21 long range bomber design

    The U.S. Air Force has unveiled the first concept image of its futuristic B-21 long range bomber, which will be built by Northrop Grumman.

    Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James revealed the artist’s rendering at the Air Force Association’s Air Warfare Symposium in Orlando, Fla., Friday. There are no existing prototypes of the aircraft, so the artist’s rendering is based on its initial design concept, nown as the Long Range Strike Bomber (LRS-B) until now, the designation B-21 recognizes the aircraft as the military’s first bomber of the 21st century, according to the Air Force.

    James said the B-21 will let the Air Force launch from the continental U.S. and deliver airstrikes on any location in the world. The Air Force Secretary also acknowledged the B-21’s resemblance to the current B-2 stealth bomber, which is also made by Northrop Grumman. “The B-21 has been designed from the beginning based on a set of requirements that allows the use of existing and mature technology,” she said.


    The B-21 program recently entered the Engineering and Manufacturing Development phase, with the Air Force planning to introduce the aircraft in mid-2020s. James also announced that the Air Force will be taking suggestions from Airmen to help decide the name of the bomber.

    “This aircraft represents the future for our Airmen, and [their] voice is important to this process,” James said. “The Airman who submits the selected name will help me announce it at the conference this fall.”

    A planning document recently published by the Air Force pushed back the deadline for retiring the venerable but versatile A-10 Thunderbolt II, when it would be replaced by F-35 Joint Strike Fighters. Known as the “Warthog,” the A-10 was initially built for destroying Soviet tanks and was first designated for retirement in 2011.

  • Sooraj_Pancholi_and_Mawra_Hocane_1

    Mawra Hocane & Sooraj Pancholi have something

    The link up Sooraj Pancholi had with Pakistani actress Mawra Hocane has raised questions of doubt and it is being graded as a stunt to capture media attention. Simultaneously it is also emerging that he is really interested in roles with Athiya Shetty! There is no hesitation in accepting that Sooraj Pancholi has the ability to charm and he can do that pretty well and effectively.

    After having acted successfully in one Bollywood production , this actor of charm is surely being tracked by those who matter in this town of entertainment.Good looks are one reason for his acceptance and the other is personality.

    So early in his career so many rumors surround him. There are rumors of his nearness to his debut film Hero’s co-star Athiya Shetty, but nothing certain and concrete came up. Even while this still had gained attention ,the news now is he has linked up with Pakistani beauty, Mawra Hocane .

    And how this has hit everyone.As the story goes ,  Mawra Hocane and Sooraj met at a friend’s party and hit it off immediately and communication started to flow with instant actions such as mutual exchange of cell numbers and followed by continuous calling. The interesting and curious thing is that with so many sparks resulting from rumors of closeness between Sooraj Pancholi and Pakistani actress Mawra Hocane, some in the know has crushed the rumors.What is said is that “Sooraj is very keen to act with Athiya for his next release and has been telling everyone that he wants someone to cast them again.

  • rrr

    Russia grounds its warplanes in Syria

    Russia has grounded its warplanes in Syria to help secure a cease-fire brokered by Moscow and Washington that entered into force Saturday, a top military official said. Lt.-Gen. Sergei Rudskoi of the General Staff of Russia’s military said that while Russia will continue air strikes against the Islamic State group and al-Qaida’s branch in Syria, Jabhat al-Nusra, it is keeping its aircraft on the ground for now “to avoid any possible mistakes.”

    Sergei Rudskoy

    Rudskoi said that 17 opposition units have contacted the Russian military to adhere to the truce that became effective at midnight local time. He said the Russian military had established hotlines to exchange information with the U.S. military in order to help monitor the cease-fire and quickly respond to any conflict situations.

    Rudskoi said that Russia has given the U.S. maps showing the location of opposition groups pledging to abide by the cease-fire as well as IS and al-Nusra units. He said 74 opposition units including more than 6,100 fighters have agreed to adhere to the truce.


    The U.S., in its turn, also has provided the Russian Defense Ministry with similar maps and its own list of opposition units, which have agreed to respect the cease-fire. Rudskoi said that a rebel unit that accidentally comes under attack should contact Russian or U.S. representatives who would quickly “take measures to end the violation and quickly de-escalate tensions.”

    “Russia is fully observing its obligations under the cease-fire,” he said. “But it doesn’t mean that the IS and Jabha al-Nusra militants can breathe a sigh of relief. The fight against bandit groups considered terrorist by the United Nations will continue.”


    He said that Russia is using 70 drones along with satellites and other intelligence means to monitor the situation in Syria. The Russian coordination center at the Hemeimeem air base in Syria’s coastal province of Latakia where Russian warplanes are based has 61 officers, who negotiate with groups willing to join the cease-fire and coordinate the deliveries of humanitarian aid.

    The center chief, Lt.-Gen. Sergei Kuralenko, who spoke via a video link from the base, said fighting has stopped in 34 towns and villages in the provinces of Hama, Homs, Damascus. He added that his officers are currently preparing cease-fire documents for another 47 towns.

  • ma

    Real Madrid Vs Atletico Madrid


    It’s the Madrid derby! Fierce rivals Real and Atletico lock horns at the Santiago Bernabéu on Feb. 27 at 10 a.m. for bragging rights in the capital city. Will Real Madrid keep up their slim chances of catching Barcelona at the top?


    Real Madrid hosts their fierce enemy Atletico Madrid in a top of the table La Liga clash on Feb 27 at the Santiago Bernabéu in a game you cannot miss! Real, armed with soccer hunk and possibleKendall Jenner future boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo, will be looking to get themselves back into contention in the Spanish championship.

    Real Madrid will be buoyed by the return of French star, and former Rihanna boyfriend, Karim Benzema from injury. He’s been training all week and is fit enough to have some involvement in the game. He will feed off the service of Colombian playmaker James Rodriguez, who is going to find it tough to find space against Atletico’s mean defense.

    In their 25 games this year, Atletico has only conceded 11 goals. The nearest any team in Spain comes close to that is Villareal, who have let in just 18 goals. But Atletico has two of the best central defenders in the game right now in Diego Godin and José Giménez, so this will tough for Real to break down.

    At the other end, Atletico has players that can do their own damage to Real Madrid’s defense. Forward Antoine Griezmann has 19 goals in all competitions, while Spanish international Kokecould provide a magic moment from a set-piece.

    One thing to look out for is possible red cards. The tackles will be flying in aggressively, and it’ll add to the spicy occasion and heated atmosphere.

  • a

    Kohli steers India to victory against Pakistan in ASIA Cup

    Muhammad Amir made the most prolific comeback against India with three wickets in his first two overs but that could not prevent MS Dhoni-led men from bagging a five-wicket victory over Pakistan at Mirpur in the Asia Cup match.


    Amir fired from the word go and dismissed Rohit Sharma and Ajinkya Rahane on naught in the first over of the second innings. His third over saw struggling Suresh Raina being caught at long-on by Wahab Riaz and at that point Pakistan looked in a promising position to defend the paltry 84-run target. in ASIA Cup match.PHOTO: AFP

    However, no other bowler was able to inspire the team and one of the main Indian batting’s pillars Virat Kohli played a responsible 51-ball 49 runs innings to guide the team home. Earlier, Pakistan failed to handle pressure against India as they were sent packing for 83 runs in 17.3 overs.


    Sarfraz Ahmed (25) was the top-scorer for the Shahid Afridi-led men, while Khurram Manzoor (10) was the only other batsman to enter double figures. Indian bowlers were on target from the start and Pakistan helped their cause with two careless run outs. Hardik Pandya took three for eight runs in 3.3 overs. Ravindra Jadeja accounted for two batsmen while Yuvraj Singh, Jasprit Bumrah and Ashish Nehra bagged one wicket apiece in ASIA Cup  match.